A Personal URL is an individualized website created specifically for each recipient of your company’s direct marketing campaign. Recipients can receive a variety direct marketing tools such as postcards, email or video prompting them to go to a website designed specifically for the user.

Case Study: Little Friends, Inc.

Challenge: Little Friends, Inc, a local non-profit organization recently challenged us to develop a comprehensive direct marketing campaign to raise awareness of their organization in the local market.

Strategy: Develop a direct marketing campaign utilizing both the client’s existing database and a purchased database.

  • Part One: Mailed a personalized direct mail piece to the entire database consisting of 4,500 addresses. Included was a pURL leading users to a personalized website that featured a video from Little Friends followed by a donation “ask.”

  • Part Two: Followed up on the direct mail piece with a personalized HTML again, directing users to the pURL. This was sent to Little Friends email list, consisting of approximately 800 individuals addresses.

  • Part Three: Once users logged onto their pURL there was a video featuring Little Friend’s message. Users were also able to make a donation online, through their pURL.

  • Part Four: Users who made a donation to the organization from their pURL, received a personalized thank you HTML email as a follow-up.

List consisted of 4500 names

798 emails sent: 109 read the email
83 went to their PURL
67 watched the video
4500 postcards/brochures sent: 137 went to their PURL
124 saw the entire video
This resulted in a 13% open rate, approximately 10% higher than traditional direct mail.